uaua.jpgf At the website for Activision's forthcoming multiplatform game Marvel Ultimate Alliance, they've announced that you can audition to be the voice of Jean Grey or Bruce Banner in the actual game.

This is clearly a fun competition, rather than Activision trying to save money on voice actors (haw!), since the winners "will get an Xbox 360, a copy of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game, a poster signed by Stan Lee, a pack of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance playing cards and a trip to Los Angeles to record their lines and meet the producers."

Though it's not like we're massive superhero geeks here, the game's line-up does sound fun: "9 out of the 20 plus playable characters in the game have been revealed: fan favorites Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Blade, Elektra, The Thing, Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange." And looks like the game is based on the X-Men Legends engine, which provided basic but fun Diablo-style superhero leveling powers - the Wikipedia page for Ultimate Alliance has a few more details.

Now, if we can just persuade the producers to voice cast against gender, just as Cate Blanchett is playing Bob Dylan, hm? That would certainly be a twisted Freudian reason for 'Hulk Smash!' [Via Blue's News.]