ms003.jpg Relatively little known consumer game site GameSide has announced the first issue of its 'art in games' PDF magazine, 'The Art Of Gaming', devoted to Metal Slug.

Basically comprised of a review/appreciation of SNK's 2D game series, along with fan art of various, sometimes horrid qualities (we do like Ze Liu's 3D model of a Metal Slug, pictured here, though!), this is fun to flip through swiftly, though people used to the more avant nature of PDF mags like The Gamer's Quarter will probably be a bit less impressed with the fanboy (or, in this case, fangirl) nature of the 20-page mag.

Then again, what other mag would have an interview with non game-related DeviantArtist Captain Fry for no apparent reason, in which he admittedly displays some nice taste in fave game art ("Street Fighter III: Third Strike probably exhibits some of the finest character animation I’ve ever seen in a video game (and a mention must go to Guilty Gear X for daring to venture into hi-res 2D and succeeding well) and any Metal Slug would follow a close second to this")?

[Still, Captain Fry has some very weird, possibly libellous pastiche art of his biology teacher on his DeviantArt page, so there. Is Metal Slug _your_ favorite pixel art ever? Inquiring minds, etc... we nominate Bucky O'Hare because we're being obtuse. And not because we're remotely furry, got it?]