armad2.jpg The excellent physics-based game Armadillo Run has been covered a couple of times here and on sister site Gamasutra - firstly, an initial mention, and then we had a postmortem of the game on Gamasutra - and now, Fun-Motion has an interview with Armadillo Run's Peter Stock.

Stock explains of the game's inspiration: "I thought that I could create something unique by taking the concept of construction (Bridge Builder was essentially the simulation of a static structure) and adding some dynamics (which was what made Stair Dismount so great). During my university course, a student implemented a physics simulation of a ‘marble run’ for their third year project, which I also drew some inspiration from."

He then reveals what he's thinking about next: "Having said that, I do have a couple of ideas for my next project - one is another physics game based around liquid, the other’s a music-based (Bemani-style) game with elements of traditional platform gameplay. These ideas might change - the early part of development is more about exploring and refining ideas than actually making a game for me. I’m looking forward to trying out some new things and seeing what happens." Oo, Bemani platformer, please!