galleyb.jpg Over at Troy Goodfellow's Portico weblog, he's posted an interesting interview with Xavi Rubio about Hyperborea's upcoming PC ancient naval wargame Galley Battles.

Discussing why ancient naval warfare is more complex than you might think, Rubio explains: "Galley warfare was, on a microscale, similar to the aerial duels of the 1st World War. Individual galleys try to maneuver in order to make a good position to ram the enemy without being rammed. Boarding techniques are more rough, but the fact is that you need to create superiority points where you have more ships than the enemy on local zones, in order to break the opponent's formation and make his morale sink."

Again, it's neat that the game industry has so many niches and sub-niches that someone can think about developing a game like Gallery Battles and still expect to make (a little!) cash off it, in this case, via Shrapnel Games publishing it - Rubio notes: "As the game has been focused on a "niche" sector of the market, we know that we won't get millionaire sells, but we are sure that there exists an audience insterested on this kind of game. In fact, the existence of several publishers of this kind of indie games is the proof." The game's screenshots are a bit basic, sure, but let's hope that the gameplay is effective.