photops.jpg Back to the wry world of importers NCSX, and the most interesting game listed in one of this week's main updates is Nou ni Kaikan: Aha Taiken for PSP from Sega, an obviously Brain Age-inspired piece of 'spot the difference' fun.

It's explained: "Sega teamed up with Kenichiro Mogi from the Sony Computer Science Research Lab to create a brain game which focuses on photographs and the differences in them. Professor Mogi is a specialist in brain science who's research centers on the relationship between the physical brain and the perception of the mind. For example, one may be prompted to stare at a photograph and then another photograph that's nearly identical to the first one. Point out the very subtle difference in the second photograph and prove that your brain power generates enough electricity to power a hamster wheel."

In fact, there's a whole heap of Where's Waldo type challenges hanging out in the UMD: "The software includes over a 100 exercises and over 4000 crisp photos which feature disparate themes and locations for a wide variety of subject matter to test perception." Wonder if Sega will bring this one to the States? We're guessing yes.