Thanks to a post over at FiringSquad, we get to find out what the folks behind the lofty but ultimately a bit clunky Advent Rising (particularly the Mustard brothers!) have been doing since they left previous company GlyphX Games.

Apparently: "The game is called Empire and its universe will actually be revealed first in a novel of the same name by noted science fiction author Orson Scott Card. The novel, due for release in late Novemeber, takes place in the near future with a second American Civil War raging. FiringSquad contacted Chair Entertainment for more info on the game and a represenative told us that the Empire game will be an Unreal Engine 3 first person shooter and that the Empire universe is their creation. Orson Scott Card elected to write the novel based on Chair's ideas and will have a large hand in developing the storyline for the game."

More than that, we were very surprised to note that a comic book based on Advent Rising is still being produced, even after the game flopped and helped contribute to the near-downfall of publisher Majesco. The final issue of the 5-part miniseries looks like it's just been released, though. Anyone check it out?