famtree.jpg The ever-interesting Jesper Juul says that he's "working on an article about the most disrespected and despised game genre there is. That’s right, matching tile games." And to go with it, he's drawn up a fascinating flowchart of the genre's evolution.

He explains: "For that, I am looking at tracing the innovations and developments of the last 20 or so years. The following tree is an attempt at illustrating the lineages of gameplay innovations from roughly Tetris to Chuzzle. For each game you can see the year of publication plus the innovations of that game listed with a “+” to the side. Arrows mean “family resemblance and probably inspiration” - I will not attempt to verify that a specific game designer was inspired by a specific other game."

However, he knows enough to know that he probably doesn't know everything, hence: "Question: Am I missing a game that contributed to the history of matching tile games? Do you find the connections plausible?" For us, not having Sega's Columns on there is probably a notable omission, though we're never really sure where in the lineage it came, and whether most of the '90s block puzzle games were borrowing from Tetris instead. Anyone else?