ttested.jpg Over at 1UP, Nadia Oxford has a feature up discussing 'old favorites that have aged gracefully' - and we're not talking George Hamilton, here, rather video games that "hold the same appeal they did when they were released years ago -- and jumping in for the fortieth round is every bit as pleasurable as the first time."

The games discussed include the uber-hardcore such as the ever-popular StarCraft ("It's easily one of the harder to master games out there," agrees Alan L. of Quebec, a long-time Starcraft devotee. "It's not like the turn-based strategy games you usually find on consoles. Everything happens at once, never stopping.")

But even better, Nethack gets a mention ("It can look overwhelming at first," admits Ailen Nevan, who has been playing Nethack since 1995. "You don't have traditional graphics, so you have to know what each symbol represents. Your enemies are letters and colons, so you have to use your imagination.") It's great to see game fans humanized like this, for some weird reason.