gazerk.gif While we were at E3, we spotted that Ziff Davis had launched a game-specific search engine, Gazerk, and, more to the point, that Search Engine Lowdown has a closer look at Gazerk, a site intended to provide "targeted articles, advertisements, videos, blogs, game updates and cheats in a central area."

We tried the vertical search engine on GameSetWatch, and the results aren't bad - similar to what we might see for Google. Trying a big E3 game such as Gears Of War, the results are decent - but don't really seem that stratified, or useful, beyond a normal search engine. But... it's early days, right?

The Search Engine Lowdown review is similarly a little skeptical: "When the search industry is striving to become more relevant and more a part of a person’s life, it seems odd that Gazerk would essentially ignore how seriously gamers take this information and give them something that is less relevant than any of the other search engines and package it in a design that is flat and annoying."