zichi.jpg Excellent shoot-em-up weblog Shoot The Core (which is run by The Postman, who contributed a shmups section to my Gaming Hacks book, incidentally!), has posted a detailed review of Japanese PC dojin shooter Zen-Ichi.

Posty notes: "Along with some of the regular features shown in doujin shmups today such as a replay option, choice of different ships with different abilities, and a crazy scoring system, ZI also is one of the rare titles that has two player simultaneous action! That should be enough to generate interest from any shooter fan, but when you dig deeper into what Zen-Ichi has to offer, you'll find an excellent manic shmup that lures you into improving "fever mode" combos and defeating a completely EVIL final boss." Hot stuff!

The game itself is listed on the Z page of The Postman's awesome PC Shooter Database, alongside a host of other titles. Can anyone else recommend some overlooked dojin shooters?