x360c.jpg Scavenging around somewhere or others, we came across the Game Rave guide to the x360 Demo Disc, which is not for the Xbox 360, but rather a very rare demo disc for the 'x360' surround sound system for PlayStation 1, bizarrely enough.

As the description explains: "A very cool promotional item given away at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 1998. It's really just two simple demos that demonstrate the sound capabilities of the PlayStation", including Maze Demo ("A First Person Shooter, you need to quickly run around and shoot the alien space ships as they appear. There's no real end, at least until you lose you tin-plated armor from shots fired. The emphasis in this demo is the explosion effects as it travels past you through sound.")

The Game Rave site also has a full PS1 box art variants listing, as well as an insane amount of interesting material in its PlayStation Perfect Guide, from which the x360 Demo update is taken - so go geek around, immediately!