3sheep.jpg The ace virtual world blog 3PointD has revealed that residents of Second Life can soon be able to order up physical versions of their avatars, or any of their favorite Second Life objects,

According to the story: "Simon Spartalian (aka Simon Jezebel in SL) and Mike Beradino (a recent graduate of the Art Institute) will launch the service on June 1, offering to mill SL objects up to 9″X 5″X 5″ out of anything from foam to wax to stainless steel. The pair are already documenting their milling efforts at their Recursive Instruments blog."

We remember we were super-excited about these 3D milling machines at SIGGRAPH last year, mainly because we pretended they were affordable - and we'll still have to pretend, unfortunately, since it's noted: "A cost model has yet to be determined, Spartalian tells me, but it sounds like a typical avatar, milled in foam or wax, would run something between $30 and $60."