e32006.jpg So, we'll try to come back to GSW as much as possible, but we'll mainly be covering the E3 Expo in Los Angeles this week for sister site Gamasutra - including liveblogging of the major press confs on Monday and Tuesday, woo!

We're also planning plenty of Q&As throughout the week, and we're going to try to do efficient, swift booth round-ups, like we did for Slashdot Games back in 2003. (One of our pet peeves is that nobody does brief impressions and descriptions of each of the games on the major booths, compiled together by company, to get a good overview without having to read through a loong preview for each game. So we're gonna do that!)

Anyhow, check out the Gamasutra E3 2006 live coverage page, and we're gonna update as regularly as we can here, in a similar way to our 'GDC tidbits' series from back in March. You'll like it!