tettimel.jpg The entertaining game-related Aeropause weblog has spotted an unlicensed, but nonetheless Tetris-'inspired' clock from Japan.

As is noted: "Strangely, it looks A LOT like Tetris blocks but is just a bunch of random blocks falliing at the same time. The number of blocks piled at the bottom indicates the time passed and you can switch over to a normal view to see how much time you've wasted watching this thing."

So sure, "It's simply a creative way to watch time pass", but perhaps this is our opportunity to ask for more Tetris merchandising! Are we the only people who have been jonesing for Tetris pillows, plush toys, and other ephemera? Wait, don't answer that.

[Incidentally, we just interviewed the God-like Alexey Pazhitnov for a forthcoming Game Developer feature. He's quite Russian!]