tigs.jpg Whoomp, there it is! After a significant downtime, indie powerhouse site TIGSource.com has flipped back into life, just as swiftly as it exited the stage. With a pleasant new redesign and posts by a number of the previous writers (Dessgeega, Derek Yu, others!), looks like this could be good news for indie game fans everywhere.

The sidebar for the site says: "I'd tell you that we're back from the dead except we were never really dead in the first place. Just sleeping. Soundly." Suuuure. While it's been away, other sources we've been forced to peruse have included the ever-reliable GameTunnel, of course, plus the slightly more casual Jay Is Games.

But our favorite TIGSource offshoot, the Indygamer blog, which was rating and linking to an insane amout of indie titles, has apparently gone on semi-hiatus "due to personal reasons", as of last Friday. Let's hope that editor TimW restarts, either on TIGSource or his own blog, soon.