meldead.jpg Someone else we know who's agreeably cantankerous, Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins, has posted an extremely long 'expose' of the GameLife online video show's 'depraved' past - we've previously covered a lot of the reaction to this 'Wayne's World'-style show on GSW.

Well, that's a lie - we haven't covered the recent 'insanity', which started up somewhere around a tip to UK Resistance about fake snuff-ish pictures posed by female host Melissa, and then... ack, this is all so LJDrama that we can hardly bring ourselves to write about it.

Anyhow, there was some alleged (and pretty weaksauce) scandal, as described by Matt (with additional vague conspiracy theories about Chobot-style power grabs), and now Melissa and friends have posted 'E3 True Hollywood Story: Gamelife Melissa', which makes the excellent point that - uhm, they can do pastiches of E! True Hollywood Story with a reasonable degree of accuracy? OK, we give up, we're never going to be Defamer - time to go back to talking about text adventures.