exchstu.jpg We always get some odd press releases at Gamasutra, and are happy to reprint them over at GSW, and the latest is introducing The Exchange Student, "an interactive sitcom and it will be sold online in the form of episodes, for PCs and Macintosh."

The title is developed in Flash, and features art by Will Eaken (who "has worked on some of the most popular adventure games in the history of the genre like The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis", though perhaps not quite in leading roles) and Dave Rigley (creator of the online comic 24 and a half.)

The plot, somewhat wackily, "...follows Emilio Carboni, a 22 y.o. Italian student who has never had a girlfriend in his entire life. His friend Vicenzo just came back from an exchange program in Sweden. Vicenzo was really satisfied with the program since he met a lot of very attractive ladies during his stay in Sweden. Emilio decides to follow his friend's path. He travels to Sweden to spend a semester there, studying in a city of Sweden called Västerås. Fate however is not that kind with our 'hero'. The game follows the events taking place from the moment that Emilio leaves his house in Italy until he completes his exchange program and returns home."

So, we're thinking some kind of Leisure Suit Larry meets American Pie thing, then? The concept art gallery certainly looks promising, if you dig the LucasArts old-school graphic adventure stylings.