x360.jpg Bill Harris at Dubious Quality has been digging around on EB Games, and has been trying to work out the retail climate for the increasing frequency of next-gen titles, and he's been coming up with some interesting results (though they're doubtless skewed by what companies have chosen to announce to retail.)

He notes: "45 Xbox 360 games are scheduled for release before the end of the year, but only 31 Xbox titles. Almost half of that 31 will be shipping by the end of June. After that, the 360 titles are listed in a 2-1 ratio for the end of the year... In other words, in about two months, the transition from Xbox to Xbox 360 is essentially over."

Even more interestingly: "2007? You can see for yourself. 40 titles listed for the 360. Zero listed for the Xbox. Again, that doesn’t mean that absolutely nothing will come out for the original Xbox next year, but even with a few additions, game releases for the Xbox are going to be very scarce."

There's also a good breakdown of current and forthcoming games by genre, in which it's also pointed out: "Fighting games and platform games? Just a niche now. Platformers drove the Genesis/SNES generation, and fighting games were a premier genre in the both the Saturn/PS1 generation and the early Dreamcast/PS2 generation, but no more. Less than 2.5% of the games listed for the 360 are fighters." Altogether, an excellent analysis.