segavampires.jpg Admittedly, it's a pretty small squad. According to a press release over at Coinop Today (official PDF here), Sega has hired two new ladies to the merchandise division. Their names are Candice Lozano and Daria Szpiczakowska, and they are clearly the beginnings of Sega's legion of the undead, poised and ready to re-assert Sega's dominance in the console and arcade arenas. Candace, who we assume to be the brunette, was previously the Business Manager of Sega Studio Kansas City(!), which is apparently "also the first studio site to house redemption products." I bet that means something to somebody! But later, upon a move to darkest Ohio, she took on the title Food & Beverage Director. This, you'll find, is a euphamism for blood-sucking!

Daria, she of the death stare and the blonde hair, is a new graphic designer. "We knew Daria was a “prize” as soon as we met her and saw her work,” said Laurie Jezuit, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Merchandise Division. I bet you did - after she drained the blood from your body! Here's another thing: "Together, the amusement team will be developing a strong campaign for Sega’s new business opportunities..." - that's the bit where they take over the world again. Nevermind that they all work in the arcade division, and just sell plush toys and things. Not in our minds they don't! Fly swiftly, Sega Vampires, we're rooting for you!! Thanks to cap'n frank for the link! [Cross-posted from IC.]