scalextric.jpg In the wild, wide-eyed world of mobile gaming, and of special importance to UK gamers, mobile firm Player X has announced that it "has been signed up by Hornby to publish exclusive mobile Scalextric games."

Much-loved by callow UK youths, Scalextric is "a slot car racing brand that first appeared in the late 1950s", and "Scalextric for mobile is a classic top-down racing game with a unique track editor featuring five different racing car models."

Though we don't generally like companies that call themselves 'ambitious' in their own press release, we do agree with the final quote from Tony Pearce, Player X CEO: "The best mobile games have one-button gameplay and that's exactly how you play Scalextric."

[It's all about one-button games on mobile, which is why we're so enchanted with Gamevil's awesome one-buttoner Nom 2, which we've been playing recently on a Korean cellphone they kindly lent us - we're looking forward to Gamevil's alleged U.S. debut, too.]