samnmax.jpg The new Sam & Max title from Telltale Games and original S&M creator Steve Purcell has been known about for some time, but by heck, there's a new E3 trailer on the official site to help promote the game's signing by our friends at GameTap, and it's as sassy as you'd come to expect from the pair, hurray!

Also, we totally hadn't spotted the 'Make Your Own Sam 'N Max Comic' page, in which "you can give everyone's favorite canine shamus and hyperkinetic rabbity-thing the power of speech from the comfort of your own home or office." Please, no swearing!

Finally, those totally gorgeous Sam & Max art prints we spotted on Steve Purcell's Spudvision page a few months ago have returned in the merchandise section of the site - and they're signed by Purcell, too, so grab 'em before some other SCUMM-y freaks do.