So, we at GSW rented Konami's M-rated Rumble Roses XX for the Xbox 360 from our friendly neighborhood GameFly service, and we were unsurprised to find a fair amount of skin on view. The female-only wrestling title actually got fair marks for gameplay, but if even GameSpot notes that "the game's sense of sexuality is still rather unseemly", you know that there's plenty of weird CG jiggling going on.

But (and this is the reason for the upcoming jump), the Xbox Live-compatible Photo Mode in Rumble Roses XX for X360 was what really blew our mind - basically, you can buy costumes, customize characters and settings, and take pictures of them, then upload the pics to Xbox Live so everybody else can see them.

Japanese titles like Megumi: Virtual View and the ultra-NSFW Sexy Beach 2 obviously play up this voyeuristic photo angle with CG divas, but Rumble Roses is out in the States, too, and people on both sides of the Pacific are taking full advantage of the wide-ranging variables to pose the Rumble Roses girls in some very eye-opening poses. After the jump, we picked the three that made us splutter the most... does Microsoft know how close to the edge some of this material is?

[Though we do note that Rumble Roses XX is clearly an M-rated title - dumb 'scandal' is not the point here, just an arched eyebrow at Konami's taste... anyway, onwards, and we repeat - NSFW, NSFW, NSFW.]

rr1.jpg Coming it at #3 on our 'we can download WHAT from Xbox Live?!' list is Mizyu's tasteful picture of one of the RR girls in a New York-type environment, complete with what looks like two small pieces of string as underwear. She's looking pensive - or possibly, just cold.

Mizyu's Xbox Live gamer info reveals that he's Japanese, and largely plays Dead Or Alive 4 and Rumble Roses XX - though he has got 4 achievements in Marble Blast Ultra! [All these pictures were taken by pointing a camera at a TV, incidentally, so apologies for the lack of quality.]

rr3.jpgStraight in at #2 on the bogglemeter is Katsu555, with this classy pose of two girls, one of which seems to be inspecting the other's bosom area with some significant interest.

Most of the poses of couples in the Rumble Roses XX Photo Mode archives seem to be more tasteful (OK, _marginally_ more tasteful) modeling-style poses, as opposed to this action shot. Katsu555 is also Japanese, but all we know about him is that his Gamerscore is 445.

rr2.jpgAnd the runaway winner is from Tiurin (also Japanese - but we're not trying to condemn a nation, they just seem to be the most skilled at taking the really suspect photos!), and evidently a fan of Ninety-Nine Nights and FFXI as well as Rumble Roses.

Although the picture as taken from the TV is a bit washed out, it looks similar when viewed directly - Tiurin's managed to get the lighting so washed out in the picture that any underclothes being worn effectively can't be seen. And that, my friends, is what happens when Konami gives gamers the ability to manipulate anything based on some pretty suspect character models and costumes to start with.

To conclude - Rumble Roses XX really is pretty terrible from a misogynistic point of view - but the entire game is sleazetastic, so there's no reason to be surprised? We still were, though - so you guys might be, too. Now, time to scrub ourselves clean, and back to playing Uno.