rolston.jpg Over at HardOCP, not generally known for its game coverage, they have an excellent interview with Oblivion's Ken Rolston, who is newly retired from the company (game designers getting to retirement age? The industry is growing up!) after a long career in paper/videogaming.

Rolston, who was "lead designer on the Bethesda Softworks fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon, as well as on the new sequel Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", talks about his time, noting of today's game biz: "I preferred working in small teams with short schedules and smaller budgets, and I don't prefer the slick, polished products of today to the rougher, simpler products of a decade ago."

As for his retirement years? Rolston grins: "I aspire to be the nicest, most charming, most reliable husband, son, sibling, and friend in history. Against that laudable ideal, I plan to play the accordion. A lot. And sing in close-harmony groups. And wander around and sponge off friends, and have adventures. And play stupid paper-and-pencil RPGs. And paint toy soldiers. I may also become a positive force in society. Yeah. That's the ticket." Hey, that's what we want to do, too!