wiredwright.jpg So, we just got back from a special Wired Magazine event to help celebrate their (pictured) special Game Issue with Will Wright on the cover. Alongside a cocktail party, Wright was on hand to do a hands-on demo of Spore, which is looking absolutely phenomenal, as always.

But the particularly neat part of the demo was when Wright mentioned that it was incredibly easy to make alien creatures in Spore, and called up a willing volunteer in the front row - who just happened to be Robin Williams, a video game fan of some repute.

Williams then proceeded to use the insanely cool Spore creature creation tool to make a gigantic-schnozzed, 6 armed monstrosity which could hardly walk, its nose was so large, and actually crashed the entire game when he pressed the button to see what its offspring would look like.

So there's your headline for the day/month/year - a Robin Williams vs. Will Wright showdown to match, uhm, Weird Al Yankovic vs. Coolio. [But we were kidding about Wright being mad - he was actually pretty amused, cos, you know, Robin Williams is funny - we note Kotaku has some of his on-the-fly one liners up already.]