nethackgp32.jpg It's a well-known fact that any gaming system worth its weight in gold needs to have a version of NetHack, in which, as any fule kno, you "...take the part of a dungeon-delving hero in search of the Amulet of Yendor. The quest is played through over 50 randomly created levels." And it's ASCII all the way, baby.

Well, the latest portable machine to grab a NetHack conversion is the GP32, with noting the debut of NetHack for GP32, from the same guy who made NetHack for the TapWave Zodiac, another even more seldom-seen handheld.

As the readme on the conversion's website explains: "The user interface for this GP32 port is based on my Palm OS roguelike ports, which in turn are based on the excellent Sony PSP Angband port by abszero and Gendal. There is a full on-screen-keyboard and macro "star" interface. The Stick can be used to select items from inventory/equipment lists or other menus as well as selecting quantities of items." Hot stuff!