earache13.jpgSo, we're still mildly obsessed with budget PlayStation 2 racing title Earache Extreme Metal Racing (which has a MySpace page as its official site!), though we certainly make no guarantees to its quality. Go to that official site and check out the video. It's...something else! Also, do note the rating they've got for their box mockup. I'm guessing that 3+ rating might be a bit premature!

So as for what's new, Sky Nash, goth metal gal and game designer, has got a new advertising scheme for the game, along with her pop, Frazer Nash, of Frazer Nash communications. They've snapped up the domain 6-6-06.co.uk in order to promote the game, which is a damn fine idea. Release the power of Satan with Earache Extreme Metal Racing! Or something of that nature! The countdown you see there is for the release of the PC demo, which we're sure will be...well, a video game of some kind. Check out a choice quote from the press release: "So the sign of the Beast is about to hit our calendars- 666, yes all three digits are on the horizon. It can only mean one thing; the Beast along with his mates the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are about to unleash a plague of death across the planet! but on a lighter note;"

And that's the end of the paragraph! I simply just can't get enough. Let's have another bit: "The level will also be populated with the fearsome living dead who carry either the plague of death or the special acceleration boost, so don’t be shy and go in for the kill!"

moi.gifPeople say that truth is stranger than fiction, but I think in cases like this, fiction is pretty damn strange. I'm imagining what a fearsome living dead person would look like, whilst carrying the 'special accelleration boost.' This game will be the best of all time, or else Satan himself will punish developer Metro3D for their crimes against...well, not humanity. Devil...try. I could go on and just quote the whole excellent press release, which includes things like: "They don’t want to spread fear and panic BUT we are all going to DIE!!" but I suppose I've got to draw the line somewhere.

For those curious, the elegant gothic lolita-esque Sky Nash herself can be found right here. We tried to get an interview with her at E3, but she was in exams. Pity. Try not to stalk her though, she's not of age.