arcadedoc.jpg We've previously reported on Jason Scott and his currently in-production Get Lamp documentary, about the history of the text adventure. Well, simultaneously, as if one documentary isn't enough, he's now announced Arcade: The Documentary.

Scott explains of the concept: "It will be about arcades. Not so much about games, which has been done quite to death, but about the actual places, the come on inside to the flashing lights and drop some money into some skill games and you'll lose your money but have a great time places that have been around for about a hundred or more years and which have included various types of machines ranging from skill cranes to pinball to pachinko to skee-ball to shooting galleries to video games."

But for those worried about Get Lamp falling by the wayside, he explains: "It will be a shadow documentary, the night shift, the guy who uses the office and the photocopier when the company's closed. This doesn't mean it won't be good, just that I will not turn down an interview with an Infocom Implementor because I need to go find some shots of a pinball machine in a bar." So there! His excellent BBS Documentary is still available for purchase, if you want to check out his first multi-DVD doc.