nom.gif While we've been here at E3, errant Game Developer editor Brandon Sheffield (who, yes, also co-founded Insert Credit) has been roving the floor doing on-the-fly interviews with Gamasutra, and some of them are worth repeating here, vaguely niche as they are.

- Q's Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Phantagram's Sanyoun Lee were rather interesting, actually, and Mizuguchi was in particularly philosophical mood: " War games are easy, just fight with somebody, beat them, that's it. Physically everyone wants to fight, that's a basic instinct. That's ok. But I think that war has really dark aspects. So if you use the hi-def technology, and the blood sprays everywhere, the head is exploding and things like that…do you really want to watch that? Do you want to have that sort of experience? I don't think so."

- We really love Gamevil and President Kyu Lee, thanks to Skipping Stone and other awesome mobile games, and his chat revealed that the firm is considering a DS game, and rather adores Nintendo: "Actually Nintendo is a company that I really like. At the Game Developers Conference, I liked what they said about disruption [essentially, that Nintendo is trying to shake up the industry], and that's really something the game industry has been missing for a long time."

- Also, Hudson Entertainment's John Lee had some neat stuff to say, particularly when it comes to getting Turbografx games on the Wii Virtual Console, and even re-licensing non NEC or Hudson titles: "It comes down to two things. One is resources, and right now I'm sure our lawyers are working non-stop. There were so many games that came out for that system, over 300. So we have to go back to the original developer, and some of them aren't even around anymore, to say "we want to bring your games back on this platform."