plok.gif The ever-vigilant Press The Buttons has spotted lots of new information on classic SNES platformer Plok!, thanks to the new 'Zee-3' website from the Pickford brothers, creators of Plok!, now-defunct indie developer Zed Two (Wetrix), and an insanely large amount of other games going back over 20 years.

As PTB's MattG notes: "Surprisingly, Plok's creators still own the rights to the character.  John and Ste Pickford have launched an archive of material detailing their many many games, and fortunately for Plok fans everywhere there is a special archive devoted to the little guy.  Marvel at unused concept art for future unrealized marketing endeavors, thrill at the unreleased coin-op prequel Fleapit, and hope someday for a new proper Plok adventure." Awesome stuff!

The site also has info on the Pickfords' new game, 'Naked War', which is "a fun strategic battle game for 2 players over email", and perhaps a spiritual successor to the lumpen but intriguing Future Tactics, also by the Pickfords - though in using play by email tactics, Naked War reminds of another set of famous UK brothers, the Gollops, and their title Laser Squad Nemesis.