armad.jpg We actually ran into Matt Wegner, who runs physics blog Fun Motion, at E3 last week, but we did not push him over to see if he rag-dolled, because we're polite like that (oh, and we found our voice recorder, thanks for asking!) But, in a newsworthy turn of events, Fun Motion does have a new video-enabled review of Armadillo Run, a physics-based PC game.

The title, according to Wegner, is "...a build-and-simulate puzzle game in the same vein as Bridge Construction Set and The Incredible Machine", and essentially: "The goal of the game is to guide the armadillo—it’s basically a basketball—to the target area. To accomplish this you have a limited budget to spend on building materials like metal struts, cloth, rope, and rockets."

The positives are a slick interface (" Rather than forcing you to draw on a grid, you can simply draw supports wherever you like. The game will automatically segment pieces while you draw them"), and negatives sloppy goals ("The player goal in Armadillo Run is very loose, particularly in contrast to other physics-based puzzle games"), but overall, it's concluded, the title "...represents the evolution of puzzle physics games. It is both familiar and new, and offers something fresh for players bored with building bridge after bridge."