pplace.jpg For those wondering what former 1UP staffer and current Microsoft community manager Che Chou is working on, turns out he's the community liaison for Forza Motorsport 2, the Xbox 360 racing sequel announced at E3, and coming out this Xmas.

Thus, he's running regular weblog updates on Forzamotorsport.net, and there's some pretty interesting stuff out there - for example, a trip to local exotic car dealership Park Place, where "a quest for exotic autos and soggy wet hamburgers", always a good combination, resulted. It's actually interesting to see (as with Ivan Sulic and Hellgate London) ex-journos being hired purely to provide community support and articles for single, high-profile games - and it's pretty neat.

[Oh, and while we're here, another fun third-party Forzamotorsport.net story is a chat with PGR art director Kiki Wolfkill and fame design director Chris Novak (hey, Project Gotham Racing 3 guys - sneaking onto the Forza site!), who "barnstormed the 425-hp British exotic through 5,000 miles of American countryside" in the 2006 Tire Rack Cannonball One Lap of America - neeto.]