miyam.jpg Over at Edge Online, they have an excellent new interview with Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, who, I don't know, you might just have heard of?

The piece is subtitled: "What happens when a doodler and dreamer becomes the senior managing director and general manager of Nintendo's entire game development programme?" Well, lots of wonderful things, apparently.

There's plenty of happy, grinning prose here: "Since his debut as Jumpman 25 years - nearly half of Miyamoto's life - ago, Mario has led a march which has never strayed from its simple goal: accessible, playful, entertaining games. In the DS that idea has crystallised into a piece of hardware and with Mario Bros' arrival comes the strong sense of a circle being closed."

And, actually, Nintendo's whole line of persuasion just seems so... contented, as Miyamoto gushes, all fluffy bunnies and rainbows: ""For example, when it comes to Revolution, we don't call it a next-generation console. We call it a new-generation console. We want each household to always have a Revolution console connected to their TV. If someone comes into your house and there isn't a Revolution sitting comfortably next to the TV, we want them to argue, and say: 'Oh! Why don't you have Revolution?'" We melt with you, Nintendo.