h2s.jpg Wandering back to appropriately named game music site Music4Games, which has recently redesigned, we note that there's a new interview with Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell, regarding the newly released Halo 2 Volume Two soundtrack.

The Halo soundtracker is particularly interesting when discussing the soundtracks that have shaped him: "There are a lot of influences in there. Brahms, Stravinsky, Barber, Gentle Giant, Genesis, and of course don't forget Mike Salvatori. I was in an early music ensemble at USC and I also loved my counterpoint classes."

In addition, he gives a good overview of why game music matters to him: "My philosophy is that a memorable hook well never let you down. If you have the chance to connect it to a great game or movie - go for it. I also believe that good music will bring people to deeper emotional levels, give them context for the time they spend playing the game, and will stay with them long after they've finished playing."