breakdown.jpg Scott at DragonShadow has ported yet another Playstation Yaroze game to the Nuon! This time it's BreakDown, originally by Chris Wallace. It's a multi-directional shooter, with a kind of early Psygnosis-like design, which originally had digital and dual-analog modes. As an added feature for the Nuon, since it doesn't have dual analog, he's implemented a 2 player simultaneous control scheme, where through use of two controllers, you can control each turret individually. You unlock the two player mode by holding down B and C-down at the title screen.

This isn't actually a stand-alone release, incidentally. It's added to his existing suite of Nuon releases, which you can get in one package now. It's got Katapilla, Invs, and BreakDown. Word on the street is he might start on the awesome Robot Ron from Hermitgames, if the creator is into the idea. I'm all for it personally - as, well...I suggested it! If you've got a Nuon, and even if you don't, go check out DragonShadow for updates. [Cross-posted from IC.]