nintendowii.jpg One of the funnier things we've come across thus far at E3 is an official 'Nintendo Style Guide' hand-out given to us after the pre-E3 press conference yesterday - let's excerpt the important bit.

Subtitled: 'A Guide to the Proper Usage of Some of Nintendo's Products', the hand-out reveals: "Wii: Nintendo's upcoming home video game console. It is simply Wii, not Nintendo Wii. It is pronounced "we," indicating its all-inclusive nature. The name works best at the beginning of declarative statements. For clarity, it is best to avoid passive verbs and prepositions."

Wow - we feel like we're reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves suddenly. Of course, this means that Nintendo really want you to call it 'Nintendo's Wii' [EDIT: OK, they would prefer just 'Wii', but 'Nintendo's Wii' is technically correct, and 'the Nintendo Wii' is not, we think.] Ugh - not happening.

The rest of the definitions are less interesting, though the sheet of paper does officially note that: "DS stands for Dual Screens (or Developers' System)" when talking about the Nintendo DS, confirming that the DS part doesn't really have a single definition. More fascinating grammar-related E3 news later.