nwife.jpg While poking around the NeverWinter Nights official forums in search of commentary on the apparent cutting of support for the first NWN from struggling publisher Atari, we ran into something much better - a call for help!.

Specifically, 'syrath1001' asks his fellow forumgoers: "A few weeks ago, I started noticing some changes in my wife's behavior. She just doesn't seem to be that interested in me anymore. Sure, we go out and she holds my hand, but the warmth isn't there like it used to be. We live together, so I fear this breakup might be particularly hard for me. I'm not worried about her feelings since I'm convinced she's cheating on me."

He continues, in a distressed tone: "One day, she left her MSN on. While I was playing in the first chapter of SoU, she received a message from someone I haven't noticed on her list before, saying "hey sweetie! xoxo". By the time I was able to click the box closed, I was killed in 2 shots by a kobold."

But here's the crux of Syrath's issue: "My question is this: should I stick with my pure rogue or should I multiclass some fighter levels for more survivability?" Wow, tough call! [A few replies later, Syrath reveals his solution - an excellent one!]