gdrop.jpg You know that everyone and their mother is starting a video game weblog? Well, looks like MTV has now joined the family circus with the MTV Games Gamedrop weblog, which started just before E3, and _may_ have been just a one-time E3 deal, since it seems to have slowed down now.

So, not sure if it's a continuing thing, but the E3 posters on Gamedrop included Carrie Shepherd, late of PC Accelerator, (the old one!) and GMR magazine, and Greg Orlando, ex. Electronic Gaming Monthly, Next-Generation, Xbox Nation, and GameNow, plus Paul Byrnes, who's written for CGW, EGM, and various others.

In other words, a crowd that we wouldn't mind blogging more permanently - but we understand if it's just a special event deal. Still, add Gamedrop to a list of unknownish blogs by big companies that are worth checking out from time to time, and keep reading the main MTV News game news page for excellent Stephen Totilo articles like this one about Yukes' development of WWE SmackDown that was reported in Japan last month, but posted during E3.