doracleaver.jpg Several smartypants are pointing out that Three Rings CEO Daniel James, the creator of Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, and a jaunty piratical hat-wearing presence at any conference or gathering you care to mention related to the game industry, has started a weblog, 'The Flogging Will Continue'.

The latest post, 'Burning Flipside, and the relevance of Burning Man to MMOs' has some interesting discussion on the future of MMOs and recreation. James comments, comparing the Burning Man experience to 'the Vegas experience': "The analogical contrast between Second Life and expensive content-driven theme-park MMOs like World of Warcraft is obvious."

He argues: "If humanity has a future (i.e. if we don’t blow ourselves up, or devour ourselves in green or grey goo), then I believe we’ll largely live lives of leisure. How will fill that leisure time will be profoundly important. As a creator of leisure, a builder of (virtual) leisure cities, I would much rather people spent most of their time at a virtual Burning Man than Vegas. That said, Puzzle Pirates is more Vegas than Burning Man. Heck, we’ve even got Poker. Clearly I have some work to do!" [Via Broken Toys.]