bestof.jpg Though it's a little bit after E3, the award-related shenanigans are still in full effect, but we thought we'd point out an area that got a bit ignored in the next-gen hype - handhelds. Both US portagaming site Modojo (with a full set of E3 2006 awards) and similarly styled UK site Pocket Gamer (with a multiple-article 'best titles' E3 round-up) have recently posted their impressions, and there's some neat stuff there.

At Modojo, a notable 'mobile game of the show' winner was Lumines Mobile, which, it was suggested, may even be better than Lumines 2 for PSP: "...surprising new features and solid design of Gameloft's version for mobile phones really came out of nowhere and brightened my day. Three block colors in a single level, special blocks, and new block shapes do a lot to further the Lumines experience."

Over at Pocket Gamer, their best of PSP list puts a title we also adore listed first: "Compared to the frantic energy of most other PSP titles on show, coming to LocoRoco is something of a shock to the system and things feel disappointingly cumbersome... Give it a minute or two and your senses adapt – you're soon entranced by the hypnotic music and locked in a beautifully vibrant world as far away from racing cars, combo-crazed fighters and special forces operatives as you're currently likely to find."

[Also, it's not entirely portable, but since Chris Kohler has given Elite Beat Agents his overall Game Of The Show award over at the 2006 Game|Life E3 Awards, he gets a shout out too. And he's right!]