kojima.jpg Over at the ever-reliable MTV News, Stephen Totilo has a new interview with Hideo Kojima up, one that again uses a little more tangential style and grace than your average game maker Q&A.

Firstly, it's noted: "The renowned game designer of the nearly two-decades-old "Metal Gear" series keeps a Spartan crash pad just down the street from the design studio where Kojima Productions is developing the PlayStation 3 installment of the adventures of Solid Snake. Against the wall, he keeps two dark, framed images, each featuring several MRI snapshots of his brain", apparently from some previous "spine and neck problem".

There's also some good questions on how politics affect his games: ""I think there are two types of games," he said. "One game is a tool that you play to have fun. An example is like a bat or a glove — it's a tool to play baseball and have fun. It's a sport. The other is that it could be a novel or movie type, meaning that there is a message or there is an eye-opener to the people who actually see it or read it." He said he feels he makes games of the second type, but that even those involve a bit of playing catch."