mcmillen.gif Over at Animation Magazine's website, they have an excellent interview with Gish co-creator Edmund McMillen, talking to the artist and animator on life after winning the IGF Grand Prize in 2005 for the gloop-heavy PC platformer.

Unfortunately, as McMillen discusses the post-IGF course of Gish creators Chronic Logic, it's clear that there has been a mutual, but slightly unfortunate breakup, as he notes: "Because of the company split and disputes over rights to the game, we lost a lot of mainstream publishing deals. Personally I think that Gish would have done really well on handhelds and Xbox Live."

However, plenty of good is on the horizon, since McMillen is working with Gish co-creator Alex Austin on two new titles, including Book Of Knots, where "you take the role of a physics-based biped who sets out to collect the souls of the immortal creatures written about in the Book of Knots. Think [Sony’s] Shadow of the Colossus in 2D meets Gish, and you'll have some idea of how the gameplay will feel." Sounds mouthwatering - looking forward to it, and the other referenced indie titles, soon.