mariowinch.jpg Over at PressTheButtons, MattG has spotted a teeth-grindingly weird unofficial Nintendo theme park concept, in the form of Nintendo Amusement Park, "...a real life obstacle course which a player jumps through using a power assist harness."

As Matt says, delightedly: "Who wants to be the first to slap on a special bungee cord and go leaping through the fantastic Mushroom Kingdom (if the Mushroom Kingdom were made of tarps, balloons, boxes, and deflatable Goombas)?"

But the creators, clearly geniuses, have a scalable plan - that's right, it's $35 million for the 'Magic Winch', and they also reveal: "Our ideal partnership would be a collaboration with Nintendo and Disney Imagineering to develop an entirely new experience."

Don't know about you, but I really think that Disney should have reconsidered the Pixar thing in favor of these guys - though one does wonder if the pitch is an elaborate art-world hoax.