lumobile.jpg So, we totally love Lumines, which is why Modojo's new information about Gameloft's version of Lumines for cellphones fills us with delight, in particular the news of the soundtrack: "11 skins/musical tracks across an eclectic mixture of genres including house, reggae, and electronica. Tracks from Mondo Grosso and Andy Hunter have been confirmed."

Now, Mondo Grosso, which soundtracked the PSP version, is a not unexpected choice, but it's neat to see electronica wiz Andy Hunter also featuring on the soundtrack - hopefully, with some Mizuguchi input, the rest of the licensed artists will be suitably enigmatic.

Also notable is a whole bunch of gameplay changes: "[In arcade mode there are] multiple types of blocks will be discovered and unlocked - some will boost your high score, while others will spark off explosions that will clear the screen", plus there are: "Additional shapes beyond the traditional "square" are present, as well as a third color, creating an additional layer of depth and difficulty at high levels of play."

Not sure if this stuff is turning up in recently confirmed Lumines 2, as well, but either way - a mobile puzzle game to rival Tetris? Just say yes!