pescadouble.png GSW contributor and Gamasutra staffer Frank Cifaldi also runs that there Lost Levels thing in his leisure time, and luckily enough, the site has just updated with a look at obscure, unreleased Sunsoft NES title Pescatore, courtesy Mike Thompson.

As Frank explains: "Our latest awesome and badical Lost Levels Feature Presentation spotlights Pescatore for the Famicom, a lost puzzler from the days when Sunsoft made really great games. Except Pescatore isn’t a really great game. In fact, it’s kind of crap. It’s like Dr. Robotnick’s Mean Bean Machine (aka Akuma no Densetsu Durakura PuyoPuyo Bushido Gaiden) except that instead of featuring monkey robots and fat guys, it has random crashes."

But it appears that this was one late NES title that it was a wise move to skip on releasing: "Had Sunsoft released this game at or near the time it was displayed, the company would likely have taken a financial hit. It's unfortunate that Sunman was never released, and it's an utter shame that most gamers missed out on both Mr. Gimmick and U*fouria. But leaving Pescatore unreleased was probably a wise business decision."