hansofoundation.jpg Over at ARGN, they have an extremely handy overview of the Lost TV show's 'Alternative Reality Game', named 'The Lost Experience', for which there's actually an official 'making of' blog on ABC's website.

Actually, Lostpedia's 'The Lost Experience' entry is also an excellent synopsis of the concept, noting: "According to a New York Times article at news.com, the game will be "a multimedia treasure hunt that makes use of e-mail messages, phone calls, commercials, billboards and fake Web sites that are made to seem real." The Lost Experience is created by the show's actual writers and will progress the storyline."

ARGN is certainly digging the ARG, which is even using Hanso Foundation TV ads to communicate messages, summing up: "So far, the game has performed well, and updates to the Hanso site give players the sense that the game is something they should be watching every day. This is one Alternate Reality Game a lot of people have been waiting for, and it has opened the door to ARGs for an entirely new audience."