enzo.jpg At this point, we're gobsmacked at how long the Gizmondo Ferrari story is dragging on, but the Los Angeles Times has now published an entire new article entitled 'We can't help but gawk at the Ferrari wreck', and interviewing local website editors and TV reporters about the continuing interest in the story.

Apparently, the town is still obsessed with the 162mph crash: "According to KTLA [local TV news reporter Bill] Smith, who crisscrosses the Southland numerous times each week doing live remote broadcasts, interest in the Ferrari mystery has remained as constant as "American Idol" ratings since February. "Most of our feedback has been in the field," he said. "Wherever we are, people come up to the live truck asking about it. They begin conversations, 'Were you the guys at the Ferrari? Did you see the Ferrari?' ""

Let's leave the final word to LA Observed's Kevin Roderick: "There is no substantive issue here, there's no societal imperative at all... "And I keep waiting for it to turn out to be less than what meets the eye; I keep wanting to let it die. But it won't. And I'm running out of ways to wink at it: 'This is a lame story, but here. Here's another twist.' " Yeah! Uh... yeah!