basara05.gifEver since an urban legend that certain cell phone straps prevent cancer, it has been popular to feature them as promotional materials. Ever thought how useful it might be to have a weapon strapped to your cell phone? Capcom's got your back, according to Impress Watch! In order to promote the upcoming Sengoku Basara 2 (a sequel to the series known as Devil Kings in the US), if you preorder, you will receive one of five hero weapon cell phone straps at random.

Maeda Keiji's staff might also be useful as a fishing rod to snatch rare fish from your friend's aquariums when they're not looking! Date Masamune (that's as in Dah-Tay, not Win a Date with Masamune) offers his triple set of swords, perfect for pricking random people you don't like in public! Meanwhile, Saneda Yukimura's dual spears would be good for picking your nose surreptitiously. Chosokabe Morichika's harpoon might make a wonderful little spear to hold taffy on until you want to eat it later. Last, but not least, Mori Motonari's round, painful-looking dagger thingy (pictured left) you disguise yourself as a New Age practitioner?

The little weapons will also come with an exciting trading card! Oh boy! Capcom's also planning some other things, such as limited edition covers, a Sengoku diary and fortunetelling. Oh my! Check back later to see if the new Cooking Mama will come with a set of Ginsu knives!