oookuki.jpg Oo Okuki is a rather odd forthcoming Japanese console game from Global A Entertainment, a company which makes historical simulations, generally. Oo Okuki translates to Chronicle of Shogun's Harem, and is available for PS2. It's essentially a game about court intrigue, backstabbing and cattiness, from the perspective of a woman in the shogun's harem.

Within this unique-sounding adventure game you have to maintain good relationships with your other harem women, and beat your rivals, to become the harem's top woman. The game uses S-Force middleware for 3D sound, so you know when someone's approaching, if you're snooping in their room.

It's got a unique art style for the illustration, which is what originally drew me to the game. More of Global A's recent games do, actually, such as Edomono, and their recent Taito-published PSP titles . And, well...they did co-publish the new Choaniki.

As far as I know (I can't find the CERO rating - perhaps because the game's not yet released), Oo Okuki is not rated 18+ or anything, which makes one wonder how they'd get around that in a game about a harem. But hey, they bill it as a "trickery simulation" game. Can you beat that, really? It's coming out on July 13, according to Play Asia, where you can also pre order it. Beware though, this game will require extremely solid knowledge of Japanese. [X-post from IC.]