enzo.jpg Though much of it is rehash, a UK Sunday Times feature story on Gizmondo has a number of choice investigative-ish extras on the continuing, continuing, continuous story of the v.crooked, v.failed handheld gaming firm.

We particularly like this quote from Paul Davis of Gizmondo liquidators Begbies Traynor: “No matter how much you spend on cars, watches and directors’ perks, you just can’t get through a sum as big as this quite as quickly as Gizmondo did.”

There's also some good material on Carl Freer, one of the key figures in the whole mess: "Freer, who celebrated his 36th birthday on Friday, preferred luxury to performance — hence the chauffeur-driven Maybach. But behind the electric gates of their Hampshire home he and Anneli kept a Range Rover and a Land Rover Discovery as runabouts. In the garage were a couple of Harley-Davidsons — one with a diamond-etched crank case."

More evidence of overindulgence? "Last year the company spent £2m on leasing cars. It also bought a share in a racehorse. Papers show about £400,000 was spent on watches, many for potential investors and people with whom Freer wanted to do deals." That's... quite a lot of cash.

[In related news, we got some gangtastic mini-posters for legendary Gizmondo title Colors in the office recently, from the company's former U.S. PR firm. But we still can't get a copy of the mythical GPS-enabled Gizmondo 'killer app', even though there are some press copies floating around - mail us if you've got one spare!]