eets.jpg Probably the only unmissable indie-related article every month is the 'Indie Game Monthly Round-Up' from GameTunnel, and - good news, the May 2006 edition is now online.

Looks like the overall game of the month is the excellent puzzler Eets, which actually recently posted its postmortem on GSW sister site Gamasutra, and received an overall 9.0 score.

Reviewer Mike Hommel commented of the title: "A really solid and original puzzle game. The emotions work out as a really interesting aspect to the puzzles, and the physics-y nature of it all makes the puzzles a little more lenient and freeform than you get in more tile-based puzzles." So yay!

Other well-rated GT titles included The Odyssey: Winds of Athena ("Instead of controlling your units, you try to steer them in the right direction by modifying their environment"), and Bone: The Great Cow Race ("...does a good job of using 3D graphics while retaining a warm Disney-ish painted look.")